Review Pen: The Crossbow Code by MC Raj

The Lazy Writer


Book– The Crossbow Code


Author- MC Raj

Previous Works– MC Raj has authored 21 books to his credit.
Author Contact
Publishers– Panther House Paper & Digital Publication LLP
Number of pages– 352 ( Including acknowledgement)


The Crossbow Code ” is a thriller by MC Raj which will instill back your faith in Indian literature.

Kris, a guy born to a woman who knows nothing of her child’s father, leaves his harsh past behind to lead a happy life with his two wives Rhea and Fatima, but fate doesn’t seem to have had enough with his atrocities.
The Pope of the Vatican, passes out in front of a whole crowd, just by a mere sight of Kris. Suspected to be a terrorist, the poor passerby is sent through tenious interrogations till the Pope comes to his rescue…

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